Finding Resolution To Complex Legal Problems

When legal problems arise, legal representation from a skilled attorney is vital. The father and son legal team of James and Daniel at the LampkeLaw LLC strives to provide a wide range of legal services.

Skilled Lawyers Dedicated To Resolving Complex Legal Problems

At our Needham-based law office, we focus on the following areas of our legal practice:

  • Municipal and government law — The complexities of government operations often require legal counsel navigating entities through issues that arise. For smaller governing bodies that cannot afford an in-house lawyer, we provide legal services on an as-needed basis. The LampkeLaw LLC has experience in matters of zoning bylaws; open meeting law; public records requests law; civil service law; public union collective bargaining; administrative procedures; internal affairs investigations; administrative hearings as a hearing officer; short-term rentals; cannabis/marijuana bylaws and ordinances; drafting employee leave policies; home rule amendments; witness intimidation; interpreting city charters; Brady disclosures; removal of government officials; environmental and historic preservation review; municipal procurement; public bidding; eminent domain; Title VII; the Telecom Act; and much more.
  • Commercial and business law — Sound contract drafting and negotiating can help clients avoid future legal disputes that can interrupt business operations and growth. More complex matters can threaten the future of a company, requiring immediate legal help. Either way, the LampkeLaw LLC can provide the legal counsel needed in business relations.
  • Labor and employment law — Business owners and employers, as well as employees must successfully navigate through a vast and complex array of local, state, and federal regulations over their business relations. Employee disputes that range from pay disputes to civil rights violations can damage the reputation of a business entity. Our job is to take on the legal "heavy lifting" that allows our clients to focus on day-to-day business functions.
  • Real estate — Our practice in this complex area of the law goes beyond representing property owners in residential and commercial transactions and litigation. Daniel is also a real estate broker skilled in facilitating the marketing of properties for sale or rent to buyers and lessees. The LampkeLaw LLC has experience in zoning appeals; eminent domain; purchase and sale agreements; negotiating leases; building permits; and much more.
  • Criminal law — Misdemeanor and felony charges require aggressive and proactive legal representation. Even driving and traffic tickets can lead to license suspensions that may result in losing a job. Regardless of the severity of the criminal allegations, the consequences can be severe and life-changing. The LampkeLaw LLC is committed to helping protect and fight for your rights when caught up in the criminal justice system, and when your driving privileges are at stake.
  • Probate — The death of a loved one is an emotional time that requires complex legal steps regarding their estate. The probate process presents complications following a tragic event, particularly if a will or trust was not created.
  • Personal injury — Injuries suffered in an accident require immediate medical attention. Legal representation is paramount as well, particularly if the tragic event was caused by negligence. Our job is to hold those parties accountable and fight to maximize the compensation our clients deserve.

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In the context of brokerage services from the LampkeLaw LLC, there is no attorney-client relationship, no legal services are being provided, and protections related to same do not attach, including most of the strictures imposed upon lawyers by the Massachusetts rules of professional conduct.